Short note on Industrial Dispute Act 1947

Short note on Industrial Dispute Act 1947- In this article, we are providing you information on what is Industrial Disputes Act,1947 and the concept of conciliation under the industrial dispute act of 1947.

Short note on industrial dispute act 1947


Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 provides for conciliation to the settlement of industrial disputes. Industrial dispute means the dispute between the employer and employer or workmen and workmen or employer and workmen or any other dispute which are related to employment or non-employment. Lockout,  strikes, boycott, etc types of industrial disputes. 

Object of Industrial Disputes Act

Investigation and settlement of industrial disputes are the main objects of the Industrial Disputes Act. The act also secures industrial peace and harmony. Settlement of industrial dispute by conciliation, adjudication, and arbitration.

Authorities under the act

Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 chapter II provides different styles i.e

a) concilation, 

b) adjudication, 

c) arbitration for settlement of disputes.

A)Works committee-

Under section -3 of an Industrial Disputes Act, it provides works committee is an authority. Works committee promotes to measure for securing and preserving amity and good relation between the workmen and employers and committee try to arrange material difference of opinion in respect of matters of common interest or concern between workmen and employers.

B)Conciliation officer-

Under section – 4 of an Industrial Disputes Act, the appropriate Government by notification in the official gazette, employ a conciliation officer. Conciliation officers are under an obligation of mediating in and advancing the decision of industrial disputes.

C)Boards of conciliation-

The appropriate government by notification in the official gazette constitutes a Board of Conciliation under section-5 of an Industrial Disputes Act. Formation of Boards of conciliation is dealt with under IDA under section -5 to bring the two disputants to resolve and gather their differences.

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