Format of Succession Certificate pdf

In this article we are providing you Format of Succession Certificate pdf it will help you to understand what is succession certificate. it is also called as legal heir certificate format

Format of Succession Certificate pdf

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As the number of litigation increases, we need to have a succession certificate after the death of our close one. the succession certificate is issued to legal heirs of a deceased person. In today’s world, it is important to have it. The succession certificate is issued by the civil court. succession certificate necessary to claim over the property of a deceased person. Succession certificate not granted to immovable property.

Important particulars for Application For Succession Certificate U/s 372 Of Indian Succession Act, 1952

  • Time of death of the deceased
  • Details of family
  • The rights of the claimant;
  • The residence or description of the deceased’s property at the time of death under which the judge comes under jurisdiction;

Step by step procedure to obtain Succession certificate

  1. Filling of application
  2. Notice in News paper
  3. Final order on Succession certificate

Format of Succession Certificate pdf


AT _____

                                      M.A. NO.   /         20__





]…….. Respondent

Application For Succession Certificate U/s 372 Of Indian Succession Act, 1952


1.       The applicants are residing at the above said address and the applicants are the daughters Late. ____________

2.       The applicants states that their mother Late. _____________ has expired on dated _________ at above mentioned residence.  Applicants state that their mother is a legal owner of the Flat no. __________________________________

3.       The husband of the deceased _________________ is also expired on ________ at __________ .  The deceased had only 2 daughters which are applicants.

4.       The applicants are the only legal heirs of _______________ and they are entitled to claim over the abovesaid  flat at _______

5.       The applicants state that the applicants have not filed any type of succession certificate in any court nor filed any probate or letter of administration. Late __________________ died intestate and the applicants are entitled to grant the succession certificate.

6.       The applicants state that this court has jurisdiction to try , entertain and dispose of the said application.

7.       The applicants have affixed the proper court fee stamp to the application.

The applicants therefore prays that:

a.       The Hon’ble Court may grant succession certificate of the deceased ____________________ in favour of the applicants in respect of the Flat no. __________________________

b.       Such other and further relief the Hon’ble Court deem fit and proper be granted.


Dt.                                                                                 Applicant.


I, ______________, the applicant herein above state on solemn affirmation that whatsoever stated herein above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, belief and information and I believe the same to be true and correct.

Filed in Court



 Advocate for Applicant

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