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Current legal Essay Topics for Judiciary Exams

In this article, we are providing you Current legal Essay Topics for Judiciary Exams which will help you understand the nature of legal topics. Every year thousands of advocates apply for judicial examinations.

In India, the state public service commission conducts a judiciary examination. writing a legal essay in a judicial exam becomes more difficult as writing a legal essay needs research and proper legal knowledge.

Current legal Essay Topics for Judiciary Exams

  1. Importance of Uniform civil code in India
  2. Role of media in protecting democratic values in India
  3. Causes and Consequences of Violence Against Women in India
  4. Protection of human rights ; Indian scenario
  5. How gender inequality affects progress of our Country
  6. Education system in India
  7. Causes and Consequences of corruption in India
  8. The Practice Of Child Labour In India
  9. Right to privacy as a fundamental right in India
  10. Right to education in India
  1. The Right to work under Constitution of India
  2. Child sexual abuse in India – An overview
  3. Right to freedom of speech and expression in Indian Constitution
  4. Explain the right to freedom of religion in India
  5. Barriers to access to justice in India
  6. Social Justice in Indian Democracy : An overview
  7. Law relating to contempt of courts in India
  8. Review of administrative law in India
  9. Alternative dispute resolution in India
  10. Mediation in India
  1. concept of right to information in India
  2. white collar crime in India
  3. Child Rights in India
  4. right to constitutional remedies under Constitution of India
  5. Emergency provisions of the Constitution of India
  6. Role and Powers of Governor
  7. Functions of Parliament in India : An overview
  8. Right to fair trial in India
  9. fundamental duties under the constitution of India
  10. Directive Principle of State Policy under the constitution of India

In this article we are only suggesting some topic names for legal essay which may be important in the judicial exam. Some topics reflects current legal issues. This article will help law students,advocate,lawyers in preparing for the judicial examination as well as exams like LLB LLM CLAT

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