What are Features of Democracy

In this article, we are explaining what are the features of democracy?

The word “democracy” has been derived from Greek words “demos”, meaning people, and “Kratos” meaning power which means rule by the people. In this Modern era, democracy is the best form of government where people of the country choose their government. In a democracy, the Human rights of the people are protected by the government. India is the largest democratic nation as India adopted democracy after its independence.

There are mainly two types of democracy as Direct democracy and Indirect democracy.

In direct democracy people of the country directly take part in the decision-making for the functioning of the nation and in Indirect democracy people of the country choose their representative to take part in the decision-making procedure.

what are features of democracy

  • Right to Equality
  • Free and Fair Elections
  • Multi political party system
  • Protection of Human Rights
  • Right to Vote
  • Independent judiciary

Right to Equality

The right to equality is one of the most important features of democracy. In a democracy, everyone has equal rights and equal protection of the law. It merely means that all persons in a similar situation will be treated equally, both as regards the privileges granted and the obligations imposed by law. Every type of discrimination is prohibited in democracy.

Free and Fair Elections

The concept of free and fair elections even covers the initial stages of an election, such as the demarcation of constituencies, preparation, revision or modification of electoral lists, and much more. Free and fair elections are necessary to maintain people’s faith in democracy. In the case of elections, no one becomes a slave to another in the electoral process, as his personal rights, social and political freedom, freedom of thought, and choice are subject to legal discipline.

Multi political party system

In a democracy, every person or group of people has the right to form their own political party. Political parties play an important role in maintaining a healthy democracy. Due to the multi-political party system, people can express their views freely without any fear.

Protection of Human Rights

Human rights are important for human beings to live with freedom. In a democracy, all human rights are protected, people are not discriminated against on the basis of their gender, religion, caste, place of birth. They have the right to choose religion,

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