Important legal maxims for judicial exams

Important legal maxims for judicial exams- In this article, we are providing some legal maxims which are important for the judicial exam i.e JMFC. This legal maxim is also important in the examination of LLB and post-graduation i.e LLM.

Important Legal Maxims

Legal maxims are generally accepted legal principles, and people in the legal field are very familiar with these terms. These are mostly Latin words or a combination of several words.

Term or PhraseMeaning  
CAVEATWarning certain actions may not be taken without informing the person who gave the caveat  
ACTUS NEMINI FACIT INJURIAMThe act of the law does no one injury /wrong
ACTORI INCUMBIT ONUS PROBANDI  The burden of proof lies on the plaintiff
DE FACTOIn fact, whether by right or not.
DE JUREAccording to law
LEX POSTERIOR DEROGAT PRIORIA later law takes away the effect of [ repeals] a prior one
LOCUS STANDIThe right or capacity to bring an action or to appear in a court.
MALA FIDEIn bad faith; with intent to deceive

Important legal maxims for Judicial exams

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