Revocation of will format; will deed Draft

in this article, we are providing you revocation of will format. Types of will-Privileged Wills -Unprivileged Wills -Conditional Wills

Revocation of Will

, A B C of, Indian Inhabitant, residing at _, do state as under:-

  1. I have executed my last Will and Testament dated I hereby revoke, cancel and withdraw my said Will and Testament dated and all other Will/s and Codicil/s, if any, made by me hereto before.
  2. I record that in view of cancellation, revocation and withdrawal of my aforestated Will, on my demise, my estate shall devolve on my legal heirs and representatives according to the law by which I am governed in the event I die intestate. If however, hereafter I make a fresh Will, the provisions of such Will made by me hereafter shall be carried out as stated therein.
    In witness whereof, I have set and subscribed my hand to this writing at ______this day of 20.

within named ABC as revocation )
of his last Will and Testamentary )
writing dated this day of 20 )
and of any other Will/s and )
Codicil/s made by him, in the ) presence of us both, present at )
the same time and who at his )

(Signature of ABC)

(Photograph of ABC) (Thumb Impression of ABC)

request and in his presence ) and in the presence of each other ) have hereunto set and subscribed ) our respective names and signatures ) as attesting Witnesses hereto: )

Revocation of will format

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