Format of Indemnity Bond

In this article, we are providing you Format of Indemnity bond it will help you in understanding what is indemnity bond is.

An indemnity bond is a guarantor designed to compensate the holder for any actual or alleged damage caused by the issuer’s actions or the actions of any other person.

The role of the bond is to protect the first party from losses caused by the customer’s breach of obligations.

Format of Indemnity bond


I, the undersigned MR. _________ aged years son of Mr.____, Indian Inhabitant residing at Room No. ______________________ At______do hereby state and declare on solemn affirmation as under:

  1. I say that a criminal case under section __of I.P.C. was filed against me by the police station before this Honourable court vide C.C. No. _______ and I was released on bail for an amount of Rs. /- (_– only) by the order passed by the__________________,At _.
  2. I say that I have already deposited an amount of Rs./- (____________ only) before this Honourable Court and I was released on bail.
  3. I say that I was acquitted/discharged by the ______________at _________ by its order dated _
  4. I say that in the event of refunding the said cash bail amount of Rs /- in pursuant to the order by the ____ at _, I further indemnify the Government of ____ and keep them indemnified an amount of Rs /- (______ only) as against any liability, loss, claim damage or action whatsoever nature that may arise in future due to the refund of the said cash bail amount of Rs. /- (________ only)
  5. I further undertake that I will surrender or deposit the said receipt if it is found subsequently before the concerned authorities.
    I do state that whatever stated hereinabove are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Solemnly affirmed at __
This day of ______20


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Format for Indemnity Bond in court

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