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KNOW ALL BY THESE PRESENTS, I. Mr.  ______________________age ___ years, Residing at. ____________________________________________________ DO HEREBY SEND GREETINGS.

AND WHEREAS I am the absolute owners of Flat bearing No__________________________________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “Said Flat”), within the limits of ______________-Municipal Corporation and it is necessary and expedient for me to appoint an Attorney to act, in my name and on my behalf in all the matters whatsoever relating to or pertaining to the said flat during my absence.

AND WHEREAS therefore I propose to appoint Mr.  ________________________ as my Attorney and do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Mr. __________________________________     Age ___ years,  Occ. Business, Residing at: ____________________________________.  (herein after called “the Attorney”) to be my true and lawful Attorney for me on my behalf and in my name or in the Attorney’s name to do or execute all or any of the following acts, deeds, matters and things herein after mentioned, i.e. to say:-

To enter upon the said property.

  • To apply to the Collector, Sub-Registrar and all other revenue authorities and to correspondence with them and deal with in all the matters whatsoever relating to or touching upon or concerning the said Flat and to take all necessary steps whatsoever in respect thereof.
  • To carry on correspondence with all concerned authorities bodies including the Government Of __________- in all its departments, Municipal Corporation and /or town planning department and other concerned authorities in connection with the said Flat,
  • To appeal and represent me before and all concerned authorities and parties as may be necessary for connection with the said Flat as aforesaid.
  • To give necessary letters, writings & undertakings to The Municipal Corporation, Society for occupying the said property and/or obtaining necessary NOC from the said authorities in connection with the said flat.
  • To appoint pleaders, solicitors, advocates or attorneys or lawyers to appear and act in any court of justice or before any revenue or other officer or officers or any state or local authority and to revoke such appointment and substitute any other in their place and stead.

To sign, verify and execute, plaints, written statements, counterclaims, appeals, reviews, applications, affidavits, authorities and papers of every description that may necessary to be signed, verify and executed for the purpose of any suit, action, appeals and proceedings of any kind whatsoever in any court of law or equity whether civil, revenue, tenancy or criminal or otherwise.

  • To receive from any court or any officers thereof or from any person, firm or body corporate amounts due and payable to me with others on any account whatsoever including under any deed of mortgage or deed of charge or any other instruments in respect of such investment or otherwise however to give sign & execute all papers, receipts, releases and discharges for the same.
  •  Generally to do all acts matters and things on behalf of me and in my name necessary in respect of the said flat for registration of lease deed.
  1.  To concur in doing any of the acts and things hereinbefore mentioned in conjunction with any other person or persons.
  1.  To substitute and appoint from time to time one or more Attorney or Attorneys under our Attorneys with the same limited powers and such substitute or substitutes at pleasure to remove and another or others to appoint.

 We hereby ratify and confirm and agree at all times to ratify and confirm all and whatsoever the Attorney shall do or purport to do by virtue of this power of Attorney including anything which is done between the time of the revocation of this power of Attorney and the time of that revocation becoming known to the Attorney.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, WE have duly executed these presents this ___th  day of _____ 20__.

   Mr.  ________________ EXECUTANT


Mr.  _________________________                    Power of Attorney Holder.

Identified by me




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