Economic Research Paper Topics in India

Economic research is a vital component in understanding and analyzing the economic systems of countries. In India, there are numerous areas of research that can be explored, such as economic development, international trade, public policy, and financial markets. To help you get started, here are 50 economic research paper topics in India:

Economic Research Paper Topics in India

  1. Economic Growth and Development in India
  2. Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian Economy
  3. Employment and Unemployment in India
  4. Poverty and Income Inequality in India
  5. Agriculture and Rural Development in India
  6. Education and Human Development in India
  7. Infrastructure Development in India
  8. Role of Foreign Direct Investment in India’s Economy
  9. Manufacturing Sector in India
  10. Service Sector in India
  11. Globalization and Its Impact on India’s Economy
  12. Impact of Economic Reforms on India’s Economy
  13. Banking and Financial Services in India
  14. Stock Markets in India
  15. Role of Microfinance in India’s Economy
  16. Fiscal Policy in India
  17. Monetary Policy in India
  18. Public Debt and Fiscal Sustainability in India
  19. Taxation Policy in India
  20. Trade Policy in India
  21. International Trade and India’s Economy
  22. International Capital Flows and India
  23. Labor Market and Industrial Relations in India
  24. Social Security and Welfare Policy in India
  25. Energy and Environment in India
  26. Health Care Policy in India
  27. Transport and Infrastructure in India
  28. Housing and Real Estate in India
  29. Gender and Development in India
  30. Corruption and Economic Growth in India
  31. Entrepreneurship and Innovation in India
  32. Corporate Social Responsibility in India
  33. Economic Impact of GST on Indian Economy
  34. Digital India and Its Impact on the Economy
  35. Start-up India: Challenges and Opportunities
  36. E-commerce in India: Potential and Challenges
  37. Digital Payments in India: Opportunities and Challenges
  38. Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy
  39. Public Private Partnerships in India
  40. Smart Cities in India: Opportunities and Challenges
  41. Impact of Climate Change on Indian Economy
  42. Financial Inclusion in India
  43. Youth Employment in India
  44. Entrepreneurship in Rural India
  45. Artificial Intelligence and Indian Economy
  46. Blockchain Technology and Indian Economy
  47. Indian Economy and Sustainable Development Goals
  48. Foreign Trade Agreements and India
  49. Infrastructure Investment Trusts in India
  50. Economic Impact of Electric Vehicles in India

These are just a few examples of the many research topics that can be explored in the field of economics in India. As you delve deeper into any of these areas, you will find numerous subtopics and specific issues that can be analyzed and researched. With a rich and diverse economy, India offers endless opportunities for economic research, and these topics provide a starting point for your exploration.

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