Research Topics in Business Management

Research Topics in Business Management- Business management research plays a vital role in advancing our understanding of the dynamic and complex world of organizations. From exploring innovative strategies to improving operational efficiency, business management research provides valuable insights to help companies thrive in a competitive landscape. In this article, we present ten promising research topics that can contribute to the field of business management.

Research Topics in Business Management

Certainly! Here are 20 research topics in the field of business management:

  1. The impact of leadership styles on employee motivation and performance.
  2. The role of organizational culture in fostering innovation and creativity.
  3. The effects of employee empowerment on job satisfaction and organizational commitment.
  4. The relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance.
  5. The impact of digital transformation on organizational structure and business processes.
  6. The effectiveness of performance management systems in improving employee performance.
  7. The influence of ethical leadership on organizational behavior and corporate reputation.
  8. The role of emotional intelligence in effective team management and collaboration.
  9. The effects of diversity and inclusion initiatives on organizational performance.
  10. The impact of strategic alliances and partnerships on business growth and competitiveness.

Dessertation Topics

  1. The role of corporate governance in mitigating organizational risks and improving accountability.
  2. The effects of change management strategies on employee resistance and organizational success.
  3. The influence of organizational learning on innovation and adaptability.
  4. The impact of technology adoption on supply chain management and logistics.
  5. The relationship between employee engagement and customer satisfaction.
  6. The effects of globalization on international business strategies and market entry modes.
  7. The role of human resource management practices in attracting and retaining top talent.
  8. The influence of corporate branding and reputation on consumer behavior and loyalty.
  9. The effects of strategic decision-making processes on organizational performance.
  10. The impact of business analytics and big data on decision-making and strategic planning.

These topics cover a wide range of areas within business management and can serve as a starting point for further exploration and research. Remember to refine and narrow down your topic based on your interests and the available resources and literature in your field of study.


Business management research continually evolves to address the challenges and opportunities that organizations face in a rapidly changing world. The ten research topics discussed in this article provide a starting point for researchers and scholars to delve into critical areas of business management, offering insights and recommendations that can shape the future of organizations and contribute to societal well-being. By exploring these topics, we can foster innovation, develop sustainable practices, and drive business success in an increasingly interconnected and complex global landscape.

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