100 Political Science Research paper Topics

100 Political Science Research paper Topics -Political science is a vast and ever-evolving field that covers a wide range of topics, from government structures and international relations to public policy and political theory. The study of political science is essential for understanding the complex systems that govern our world and the ways in which they impact our lives. In this article, we will explore 100 research topics related to political science that are sure to spark your curiosity and deepen your understanding of this fascinating field.

100 Political Science Research paper Topics

  1. The Impact of Globalization on National Politics
  2. Comparative Analysis of Democracies and Autocracies
  3. The Effect of Social Media on Political Participation
  4. The impact of caste-based politics on democracy in India
  5. The role of media in shaping public opinion and political discourse in India
  6. The evolution of federalism in India: challenges and opportunities
  7. The influence of money and corruption on electoral politics in India
  8. The impact of social media on political mobilization and activism in India
  9. The politics of regionalism and identity in India
  10. The role of civil society in strengthening democracy in India
  11. The impact of economic liberalization on Indian politics and society
  12. The role of women in Indian politics: challenges and opportunities
  13. The impact of religious diversity on Indian politics
  14. The politics of environmentalism and sustainable development in India
  15. The impact of globalization on Indian politics and economy
  16. The role of political parties in Indian democracy: challenges and opportunities
  17. The politics of human rights and social justice in India
  18. The impact of populist politics on Indian democracy
  19. The role of the judiciary in shaping Indian politics and society
  20. The politics of communalism and religious extremism in India
  21. The impact of reservation policies on Indian politics and society
  22. The politics of regional integration in South Asia: opportunities and challenges for India
  23. The impact of digitalization on Indian democracy and governance
  24. The role of civil-military relations in Indian democracy
  25. The politics of healthcare in India: challenges and opportunities
  26. The impact of climate change on Indian politics and economy
  27. The politics of water management in India: challenges and opportunities
  28. The role of education in shaping Indian politics and society
  29. The politics of migration and displacement in India
  30. The impact of population growth on Indian politics and society

Paper Topics

  1. The politics of urbanization in India: challenges and opportunities
  2. The impact of foreign policy on Indian politics and society
  3. The role of the diaspora in Indian politics and economy
  4. The impact of social welfare policies on Indian democracy and governance
  5. The politics of media censorship and freedom of expression in India.
  6. The Role of Political Parties in Democratization
  7. The Concept of Power in Political Science
  8. The Relationship between Religion and Politics
  9. The Rise of Populism in Western Democracies
  10. The Effects of Political Polarization on Public Policy
  11. The Impact of Global Climate Change on Political Systems
  12. The Intersection of Gender and Politics
  13. The Role of Political Leaders in Shaping Foreign Policy
  14. The Impact of Economic Inequality on Political Stability
  15. The Use of Propaganda in Modern Political Campaigns
  16. The Effect of Political Scandals on Public Trust in Government
  17. The Role of Interest Groups in Political Decision-making
  18. The Role of Media in Shaping Public Opinion
  19. The Relationship between Government and Civil Society
  20. The Role of Public Opinion in Democracy
  21. The Influence of Political Ideologies on Policy-making
  22. The Role of International Organizations in Global Governance
  23. The Dynamics of Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  24. The Impact of Political Violence on Society
  25. The Relationship between Law and Politics
  26. The Role of Bureaucracy in Government
  27. The Politics of Environmental Protection and Sustainability
  28. The Role of Non-state Actors in Global Politics
  29. The Impact of Political Corruption on Economic Development
  30. The Concept of Human Rights in Political Science
  31. The Role of Nationalism in Contemporary Politics
  32. The Impact of Immigration on Political Systems
  33. The Role of Religion in Political Conflict
  34. The Effect of Political Institutions on Democratization
  35. The Role of Political Culture in Shaping Society


  1. The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Political Systems
  2. The Role of Political Communication in Democracy
  3. The Impact of Globalization on Political Institutions
  4. The Effect of International Law on State Behavior
  5. The Politics of National Security and Defense
  6. The Role of NGOs in Global Governance
  7. The Role of Political Elites in Policy-making
  8. The Effect of Electoral Systems on Political Representation
  9. The Relationship between Political Leadership and Populism
  10. The Impact of Economic Globalization on Political Stability
  11. The Role of Political Philosophy in Shaping Policy
  12. The Effect of Political Polarization on Political Communication
  13. The Politics of Identity and Diversity
  14. The Impact of Political Campaign Finance on Democracy
  15. The Role of Political Parties in Electoral Politics

Research paper Topics

  1. The Effect of Globalization on the State’s Sovereignty
  2. The Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
  3. The Role of Civil Society in Democratization
  4. The Effect of Political Culture on Political Behavior
  5. The Relationship between Democracy and Economic Growth
  6. The Role of International Trade in Global Politics
  7. The Impact of Populist Movements on Democracy
  8. The Effect of Social Movements on Political Change
  9. The Role of the Judiciary in Political Systems
  10. The Politics of Health Policy and Healthcare Systems
  11. The Impact of Political Violence on Human Rights
  12. The Role of Public Opinion in International Relations
  13. The Effect of Media Ownership on Political Communication
  14. The Politics of Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism
  15. The Relationship between Political Institutions and Economic Development
  16. The Role of International Human Rights Law in Global Governance
  17. The Effect of International Institutions on State Behavior
  18. The Politics of Gender and Sexuality
  19. The Impact of Political Polarization on International Relations
  20. The Role of Public Diplomacy in International Relations.


Political science is the systematic study of politics, government systems, and the behavior of individuals and groups within the political realm. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including political ideologies, institutions, power dynamics, public policy, international relations, and the functioning of democracies and authoritarian regimes.

Political scientists analyze how governments operate, how political decisions are made, and how societies organize themselves to address collective needs and conflicts. They also explore concepts such as political representation, participation, citizenship, and the distribution of resources and opportunities within societies.

The field of political science is interdisciplinary, drawing from history, economics, sociology, psychology, and other disciplines to understand the complexities of political systems and their effects on individuals and societies. By examining both theoretical frameworks and real-world case studies, political science contributes to a deeper comprehension of the forces that shape our world, informing policy discussions, political debates, and strategies for promoting good governance and international cooperation.

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