Research Paper Topics on Competition Law in India

research paper topics on competition law in India:

1. “Antitrust Enforcement in India: A Comparative Study with Global Practices”
2. “Cartels and Collusion: Challenges in Detecting and Prosecuting Cartel Activities in India”
3. “The Role of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in Regulating Market Competition”
4. “Predatory Pricing and Abuse of Dominant Position: A Legal Analysis in India”
5. “Mergers and Acquisitions in India: Competition Law Implications”
6. “Vertical Agreements and Antitrust Compliance in Indian Markets”
7. “Leniency Programs in Indian Competition Law: Effectiveness and Challenges”
8. “Economic Analysis of Competition Law Enforcement in India”
9. “Intellectual Property Rights and Antitrust: A Perspective from India”
10. “Cross-Border Competition Law Issues in India’s Global Trade Relations”
11. “Consumer Welfare and Competition Law in India”
12. “State Aid and Subsidies Control in the Indian Context”
13. “Public Procurement and Competition Law: An Indian Perspective”
14. “Market Dominance and Market Definition in Indian Antitrust Cases”
15. “Antitrust Litigation and Private Enforcement in India”
16. “Competition Law and E-commerce: Challenges and Regulatory Solutions in India”
17. “Competition Advocacy and Policy Implementation in India”
18. “Antitrust Compliance Programs in Indian Corporations: Best Practices”
19. “Competition Law and the Digital Economy in India”
20. “The Role of Judicial Review in Indian Competition Law Cases”

These research paper topics cover various aspects of competition law in India, from antitrust enforcement to merger control, market dominance, and the impact of competition law on different industries. You can select a topic that aligns with your research interests.

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