Salient Features of Wildlife Protection Act of 1972

Salient Features of Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 – The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 in India aims to protect wildlife and their habitats. The 10 salient features of this Act are:

Salient Features of Wildlife Protection Act of 1972

  1. Wild Life Protection: This Act provides for the protection of endangered species of flora and fauna and prohibits their hunting, poaching and trade. It classifies species in a schedule, with different levels of protection.
  2. Protected Areas: Empowers the government to declare these areas as sanctuaries, national parks and closed areas for conservation and protection of wildlife.
  3. REGULATION OF HUNTING: The Act strictly regulates and prohibits the hunting of any of the wild animals specified in the Schedule under certain exceptional circumstances and without specific permits.
  4. PROTECTION OF ENDANGERED SPECIES: This Act provides for the protection and protection of threatened species by listing them in Schedule I and provides them with the highest level of protection.
  5. Regulation of Trade: It regulates trade in wildlife and wildlife products to prevent illegal smuggling, poaching and trade of endangered species.
  6. POWERS OF WILDLIFE AUTHORITIES: This Act empowers wildlife authorities to enforce rules, make arrests and seize items related to illegal wildlife activities.
  7. Conservation Programmes: It facilitates the implementation of conservation programs and activities for the conservation and management of wildlife and their habitats.
  8. Community Participation: This Act promotes the participation of local communities and stakeholders in wildlife conservation efforts.
  9. Penalty and Offences: It provides for severe penalties, fines and imprisonment for offenses relating to hunting, poaching, trade or illegal possession of wildlife and their derivatives.
  10. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS: This Act allows for compliance with international agreements and norms related to wildlife conservation, ensuring alignment with global efforts for wildlife conservation.

Together these features ensure sustainable management and protection of wildlife and habitats, to protect and conserve India’s rich biodiversity.

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