Conciliation under the Family Courts Act, 1984

Conciliation under Family Courts Act – The need for alternative dispute resolution is increasing day by day. Due to alternative dispute resolution, many major disputes were resolved in a very short time and at a low cost. And that is why alternative dispute resolution can be used in a very good way even in a family dispute.

The Conciliation method in alternative dispute resolution will be very useful for resolving family disputes. India has the Family Courts Act, 1984 through which we can resolve our Family Disputes properly and satisfactorily using Conciliation.
Family courts try to resolve the dispute through conciliation and settlement. The Family Courts Act contains VI chapters deals in 23 sections. Section 9 contains the duty of the family court to make efforts for settlement.

Conciliation under Family Courts Act

The objective of the Family courts Act, 1984

The Family Courts Act, in this act the act no. 66 of 1984 is provided for the establishment of the family courts to raise or promote conciliation and certain speedy affairs and for those matters related therewith. Family Courts Act has created a clear process through which we can resolve our family disputes.

Duty of Family Court yo make efforts for settlement

1)In every suit or proceeding effort shall be made by the family court in the first instance, Where it is possible to do to assist and persuade parties to arrive at a settlement, with the nature and circumstances of the case In relation to the subject matter of a suit or proceeding and for this purpose a family court may be subject For any rule made by the High Court, such procedure must be followed as it may see fit.

2)In family court, if any suit or proceeding at any stage appears then if there is a reasonable possibility of a settlement between the parties, the court may adjourn the proceedings for such a period.

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