Dissertation Topics for LLM in India

In this article, we are providing you Best ideas for dissertation topics for LLM in India. Like Every year, LLM last year students required dissertation (thesis) topics for research. Dissertation is the last academic challenge before post-graduation. Many students of LLM get confused while deciding the dissertation topic because it takes a lot of research after picking a topic. The dissertation needs lots of hard work on research and quality of the material.

This article provides you ideal law project topics, Dissertation Topics for LLM in India, and the best research topics for legal research papers. Dissertation topics law

Dissertation Topics for LLM in India

  • A study on the Making of the Indian Constitution
  • critical analysis on Capital Punishment
  • critical analysis of the pocso act
  • An overview of the right to equality under the constitution of India
  • An analysis of emergency provisions in the Indian constitution
  • An analysis of Law of Contract in India
  • critical analysis of fundamental rights of Indian constitution
  • critical analysis of fundamental Duties of Indian constitution
  • Role of intellectual property rights in Protection of Biodiversity
  • Plea bargaining in India
  • difference between kidnapping and abduction
  • comparative study on rights of consumers in India, UK, and the USA
  • A critical analysis on Copyright infringement
  • Status of women in India
  • domestic violence against women in India
  • violence children in India
  • Role of government in protecting fundamental rights
  • A critical analysis on right to information
  • critical analysis of Article 21 under the constitution of India
  • critical analysis on gender equality
  • An overview on contempt of court act
  • An overview of the history of GST in India
  • Comparative analysis of Rule of law in India, UK, and the USA
  • Analysis of Vicarious Liability under Indian Law
  • A study on General Exceptions Under Indian Penal Code
  • Analysis of Matrimonial Remedies under Islamic Law
  • Relationship between Municipal and International Law
  • Critical analysis of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947

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