Dissertation Topics For Business law

In this article, we present various topics of dissertation in business law that will help you write your dissertation.
In this article, we list dissertation topics, presentation topics for LLM law students, business law topics for the research paper.
As a law student, you must prepare for research and hard work. There are many such topics in business law for which one can investigate. The scope of business law is wide and many topics can be explored.
This article will assist students in selecting topics for their dissertation. They will gain insight into the topics.

10 Dissertation Topics For Business law

  • Elements of a valid contract in business law
  • A critical study of consumer Rights in E commerce
  • Role of Law of Contracts in the business
  • Sale of Goods: Transfer of Ownership and Delivery
  • the doctrine of caveat emptor in business law
  • Essential elements of Promissory Note and Bill of Exchange
  • The role of international business law
  • Critical study on negotiable intrusments
  • Effect of globlization on business laws
  • Protection of Consumer and business laws

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