Lecture Method of Teaching |Advantages, Disadvantages

In this article we are providing you Lecture Method of Teaching and its Advantages and disadvantages. This Article will help you to better understand various method of Teaching.

Lecture Method of Teaching |Advantages, Disadvantages

The lecture method is one of the best methods of teaching. it is the oldest method of teaching. The lecture method is very easy to teach and explain. It is very convenient and large material of any subject can be covered and discussed.

In the field of education this method of teaching is the best tool to explain any topic to students. In the lecture method, only the teacher is talking and the students are just listening.

This is a technical era, we can have everything on the internet without the help of others.but that is not the best way to understand any topic.

Because In This method of teaching students can ask the questions to the teacher and they can raise any query about any topic. In the lecture method of teaching the teacher are well qualified and they can pay attention to the student personally.


  • You can demonstrate and use any type of media while teaching
  • It can be early revived.
  • The teacher can be a model.
  • Students become more familiar with the teacher.
  • Large material of any subject can be covered and discussed.
  • Large material of any subject can be explained in a short span of time.


  • In the Lecture method of teaching, some information on the subject is already known to the students.
  • It may not be possible for a teacher to pay attention to all the students in a huge class.
  • In this method of teaching giving notes to the student is very important but some students may not be habituated to take dictation and notes.
  • The lecture information may be forgotten quickly.
  • There is no check up whether teaching beneficial or not.
  • The lecture is not effective when the objects are not clear.
  • This method of teaching students is depending on the teacher.
  • This creates laziness in the classroom by stopping the communication between the student and the teacher.


The lecture method is the most convenient and economical way to teach subjects. Apart from the blackboard, there is almost no need to use scientific equipment, experiments and tools. The lecture method is an information-centric and teacher-led method. In this method, the teacher acts as a role-playing resource in classroom learning. In this way, the only teacher speaks while the students listen passively. As the interaction between the student and the teacher ceased, this caused boredom in the classroom.

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